Z.U.P. Witold Marcinkowski

Mickiewicza 6

98-200 Sieradz

tel.43 826 77 10

e-mail: sklep@marcinkowski.com.pl

Centrum Handlowe PTAK


Pasaż wschodni 27A

"Marcinkowski" Company was founded in 1992.

Since the very beginning it has been a family owned business and it has had this character up till today.

Already for many years products directed to children and infants, which under "Marcinkowski" logo gained a large group of satisfied clients, have been the main production line . We also do not forget about parents whom we offer adult underwear.

In our productive and designing actions we put the main emphasis on quality, functionality and esthetics as well as safety, which is especially important in the production for children and infants.

Our products are always made of 100% cotton. The press studs made by Scheffer Company are nickel free . The overprints are with “SAFE FOR A BABY” certificate.

The quality of our products comprise:

- the quality of cotton

- the quality of sewing and finishing (MADE IN POLAND)

- interesting and original design

- safe overprints for infants and children

Therefore, we can say honestly that

our products are